Join Capescape on an unforgettable Great White Sharks at the tip of Africa Tour from Cape Town via Gordons Bay to Hermanus and Gansbaai for views of these great white sharks


Get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, let down your hair, kick off your shoes and come to Gansbaai. Get back to basics with warm friendly people to welcome and pamper you. So what makes Gans Bay cool? Simply it's natural, rugged and unspoilt beauty.

From the spectacular cliffs of De Kelders to the miles of white sandy beaches of Pearly Beach, you will find one of the most unique areas in the word. From here one can take a cruise to Dyer Island where the mysterious and graceful Great White Sharks have drawn visitors from across the globe, hence Gansbaai having become known as the Great White Shark capital of the world.


Situated close to the southernmost tip of Africa, 5 miles (8km) out to sea, lies Shark Alley - a favourite hunting ground of the omnipotent Great White Shark. Shark Alley is a channel between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock and is protected from the worst of the southern Atlantics weather.

Dyer Island, Geyser Rock and Shark Alley are teeming with sea life! Cape Fur Seals, Jackass Penguins and a wide variety of sea birds can be seen on your trip... and with all this food around... the Great White Sharks are sure to be there!!!

In fact Great White Sharks are spotted preying on seals very frequently. They are streamlined, torpedo-shaped swimmers with powerful tails that can propel them through the water at speeds of up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) per hour. They can even leave the water completely, breaching like whales when attacking prey from underneath. and this is where you will have an experience of a lifetime – shark cage diving!!!!

Cage diving with sharks means spending some one-on-one quality time with these magnificent beasts - the largest predatory fish on Earth. (They grow to an average of 15 feet (4.6 meters) in length). It’s nerve-wracking yet intensely rewarding, eye opening and extreme. You don’t need any scuba diving qualifications, experience or equipment – just yourself and a strong dose of Dutch courage. Since they are the largest predators of the sea, they are highly adapted predators:

  • - Their mouths are lined with up to 300 serrated, triangular teeth, up to 3 inches(7.5cm) long and arranged   in several rows. As teeth are lost, broken, or worn down, they are replaced by new teeth that rotate into   place.
  • - They have an exceptional sense of smell to detect prey. Since "breathing" takes place in the gills, the   nostrils of a shark are used solely - to sniff out their prey!
  • - Great whites can detect one drop of blood in 100 L of water and can sense even tiny amounts of blood in   the water up 5 km away.
  • - They even have organs that can sense the tiny electromagnetic fields generated by animals.

For the fainter hearted you’ll be pleased to know that these awesome predators are easily seen from the surface… sometimes even launching clear of the water (exposing their white underbellies – from where they get their name) in natural hunting attacks.

Whether you prefer the thrill of meeting the Great White sharks face to face or choose to watch from the mental comfort of the boat this is an awe-inspiring adventure NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Winter is the best time to dive with sharks from May to October. Although getting to see the sharks is not guaranteed, the success rate is very high. The weather can be unpredictable, with gales and cold spells. The sharks are still around during the summer months but not in such dense numbers. Great Whites are found in cool, coastal waters throughout the world, there is no reliable data on the great white's population. However, scientists agree that their numbers are decreasing precipitously due to overfishing and accidental catching in gill nets, among other factors, and they are listed as an endangered species.

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