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NOTE: This excursion needs to be booked well in advance (two weeks).

A unique experience! You will enjoy a private motor yacht charter to the Island as well as your own private guide and transport whilst you are on the Island. Snacks and drinks will be served whilst on board.

Duration of tour: Approximately 3 hours.

This is a luxury 7 star yacht with a 6 berth capacity and can accommodate up to 11 passengers. Opulent styling!

Fashionable designed interiors with leather upholstery, marble tops, teak flooring and plasma sceens.

Robben Island, the once, infamous maximum security prison off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa has long been associated with the great South African leaders who effectively contributed towards the struggle for FREEDOM in South Africa.

The Island symbolizes the struggle for freedom against oppression of basic human rights. During the apartheid regime, between 1964 and 1991, African Chiefs, political leaders & business leaders who were brave enough to stand against any form of oppression, were incarcerated to Robben Island. The list of freedom fighters include one of the World’s most respected icons, former President of South Africa and Nobel Laureate Dr Nelson Mandela who spent decades imprisoned on the Island.

During the 1800’s, conflict between the Xhosa people and the British government over the issue of land was rife. One of the great Xhosa Chiefs known as Makana and other warriors were captured and sent to Robben Island. The oppressive and brutal conditions under which they were subjected, forced them to try escaping the island but unfortunately never survived. It is assumed that they died in the water shores of Robben Island, as they were never found.

Today Robben Island resembles strength, resilience, hope, freedom and a great symbol of peaceful efforts in our new hard won democracy in South Africa. The Island attracts local and international people from all walks of life.


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Guest Reviews
Very knowledgeable, polite and understanding of my personal interests, needs. After a very short time I felt like I'm traveling with my best friend which I know long time. Highly recommended if you look for five star service. Joanna rocks!
Thank you Joanna.
Andrew Oplocki
Canada, February 2011
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Robben Island Tours - Find & Book Robben Island Boat Trips & Tours with CapeScape & affordable Robben Island Tours, Cape Town.