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Local Pinotage Winery Tour & Tasting

Cape Winelands Pinotage Tour

Pinotage is probably South Africa’s most treasured wine, not least because it was invented in the country in the 1920s. The intention of the inventor, Abraham Perold, was to combine the positive qualities of Hermitage with the more difficult Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir needed some assistance because it was, and still is, exceedingly fragile, and this makes it hard to grow.

The first Pinotage wine was made in 1941, and since then it has become a South African favourite, winning consistent awards since 1959, when it won the Champion Wine of the Cape Wine Show. 


The wine produced by Pinotage is often deep red, with a hedgerow flavour full of bright berries and very earthy flavours - Sometimes also having smoky, coffee-like aromas. 

There can be plenty of fruit flavour in the wine, but there are also hints of chocolate, cherry and some savoury elements which help to create a very elegant drink which goes well with red meats or strong blue cheese. 

This tour takes you to wine estates specializing in Pinotage production. You will have the opportunity to taste traditional Cape blends (Pinotage is a required component of 30-70% in "Cape Blends").

Pinotage is made into the full range of styles, from easy-drinking wine and rosé to barrel-aged wine intended for cellaring. It is also made into a fortified 'Port' style, and even a red sparkling wine.

The latest and fastest growing trend is the production of coffee styled Pinotage. You will even have the opportunity to taste Pinotage flavoured beer! 

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